This has been my best summer

“You can’t leave. This has been my best summer since I was 5 years old. We’ve taken so many wonderful walks. It’s hard because we put a lot of work into this,” said Dulaney.FOX 10 News was there when the project began earlier this year. wholesale nfl jerseys from china After countless manhours, it’s evolved into a labor of love wrapping around the corner paying tribute to fallen celebrities.Dulaney and the other artists are already looking at ways to correct the vandalism.”It shouldn’t take much time, but it’s just the hassle of having to go over your work again and because it did take a while to do this,” said Dulaney.Just like they are every Artwalk, the artists will be out on the street this Friday doing what they do best.”We are going to come down here and we are going to work on it in front of everybody just to let everybody know nothing stops your flow, your grind, your hustle. We’ll definitely get it fixed man.

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