Detective Mooney with the Charlottesville Police Department has

police arrest man for fatal hit

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Canada Goose Parka The mother of a Charlottesville man who was shot and killed in his home in September 2015, is demanding that justice be served.”I always thought the detective who was signed to it stayed with it until it was finished, but I got proven wrong evidently,” said Robin Bryant, Jason’s mother.A fourth detective is set to take on the case of Jason Shifflett, who was shot and killed in his home in Charlottesville in September of 2015.Police have made no arrests and Bryant feels like she’s fighting a never ending battle.”I’m not going nowhere until I find out who killed my son because if I die and go to heaven, the police department just set this case in a file cabinet and I not gonna let that happen Canada Goose Outlet Toronto,” said Shifflett.Detective Mooney with the Charlottesville Police Department has been on the case since February, and he’s being promoted to lieutenant. Mooney could not go on camera, but says he feels nothing but empathy for Bryant.”He sat on my couch very sad telling me that he got a promotion but he had to leave my son’s case, and he had no choice of it,” said Bryant.For Bryant this unsolved mystery of who murdered her son has shaken her to the core.”It’s eating me up on the inside, it’s eating my health up,” said Bryant.She says she hasn’t celebrated a holiday since Shifflett was killed. “We don’t have a reason,” said Bryant.NBC29 is told the police department is busy interviewing witnesses and potential suspects Canada Goose Parka.

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