It was only a matter of a few laps

It was only a matter of a few laps before DeGood caught back up to Berry, he was using the outside to make his move and on lap 34, he was the clear leader. They raced incident free until four laps to go when Jansen and 20 Jeff Vrsek made contact with the wall just coming out of turn 4. DeGood was able to hold on for the final few laps to get the win and the rest of the top ten were Berry, Chase, Shotko, 8 Billy Eppink, 67 Ben Welch, X Damon Breedlove, Springer, Jewell and Jansen.The final feature of the night was the 100 lap Port City Racecars / GL Helicopter Outlaw Late Models; X Ray Clay started on the pole with 1 Barry Hartwell on his outside.

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