The settlement imposes a judgment against Reynolds

People give their hard earned money to charities believing they are helping further the organization mission Replica Handbags, not to subsidize a lavish lifestyle for board members and executives.”Two other fake charities operated by Reynolds settled last year. Wasden said the settlement marks the end of the largest enforcement action undertaken by the Federal Trade Commission and state charity regulators.The settlement imposes a judgment against Reynolds, CFA And CSS of $75.8 million the amount of money donated to the charities between 2008 and 2012. The judgment against Reynolds will be suspend after he hands over assets including artwork, pistols and proceeds from the sale of a pontoon boat.A portion of the money collected as part of the settlement will be distributed to legitimate cancer charities.Wasden said donors across the country fell prey to the cancer scam, although it unclear how many Idahoans donated.

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